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Patriotism, the Theme For July

And there it is, Our First Challenge is in the books.

We spent a good amount of time going over our ideas and talking about the different ideas we had along the way, but may have been lost along the way. Milu and Ren took different approaches to how they displayed their data this time around.

Milu chose to get resources from a public API (, focusing on the U.S. voter turnout for the past three presidential elections. The goal of the representation was to compare the number of actual voters against the voting-eligible population (VEP) per state. A scale of colors from light blue to purple symbolized the percentage of voters per state, numbers averaging from 10% to 75%. In addition, users were able to see a tooltip with the exact voter turnout percentage when hovering on any state. The visuals were developed using ReactJs and the npm package react-svg-map. In the future, Milu would like to add a selection option that would allow the comparison of several state’s demographic information. This addition would help viewers identify different patterns such as similarities and differences in states with a similar voting turnout.

Ren took a hand-crafted route, collecting the data surrounding the count of the display of the American Flag on her walking route leading up to the Fourth of July. The visuals were based on the average per week and the fact the she was in the mood to bedazzle.

They spent the rest of their time going over details for the next theme, working out action items and Reza’s Roast Downtown, and enjoying delicious treats.